Delectable Mountain Mat

Cut 2 x 8 1/2" squares of fabric, one patterned one plain.

Draw a line across the plain one from corner to corner.

Place the squares right side together, sew 1/4" either side of the line and cut on the line leaving 2 half square triangle blocks, press and trim to 8".

Place the two squares right sides together with the pattern opposite the plain, and check that the centre seam nests. Pin if you feel safer.

Starting from the edge cut 2" strips, you will end up with 8 strips. Turn the top strips over and arrange the pieces with the two centre tall pieces together to form peaks and then the other bits graduated. 

Sew two to two and then join the middle seam, again making sure the seams nest and you have a clean centre 'V'. Press well with your seams all going the same way.

When joining the centre pieces push the fabric so it nests and one goes one way and one the other, clip the seam, taking care not to cut through the stitching so the seam lies flat.

Measure your block from top to bottom through the middle cut 2 x 2" wide pieces for the sides and sew on, press. If your measurement varies, check that each strip is 1 3/4" you may need to resew a seam or trim a piece slightly.

Measure your block from side to side through the centre and cut 2 x 2" strips for the top and bottom, attach and press well.

Cut a piece of  Insul bright the same size as your block,  place the block on the wadding with the shiny side of the wadding up. At this point, I quilt my mat. Cut a piece of backing fabric and pin on then make your binding from 2 1/4" strips, sew on mitring the corners. Either hand stitch or machine stitch the binding down, thats your mat done.

The insul bright will help to reflect heat back to the plate......will help to prevent the heat marking a table top.

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