Sunday, 25 August 2019

Another scorcher!!

Our usual late start for Sunday. DB went out whilst it was cool and started putting preservative on the garden table and chairs.

I had the fan on in the bedroom before we went to  bed last night, so the room was cool, I did ask DB if he wanted a sheet on rather than the duvet, he slept ok, but I ended up sleeping just on the bottom sheet with the duvet pushed towards DB. Did not sleep particularly well, may well have a nana nap after lunch.

I have braved the step ladders and cleaned down the hall dresser, another job off the list, just the kitchen floor to clean.

All clean and tidy again, no more spiders hiding. Pictures are DD1's wedding and GGS.

My fizzing printer is refusing to print, keeps telling me its off line when the computer says its ok. I hate this damn printer, it was a complete bind to set up and when it prints it prints pages from the back, so page 1 comes out the printer last. I have just bought two lots of ink as well......ggrrrrr. loathe to get the techie in it will cost me another £25 on top of what I paid him a few weeks back. I will never buy another canon printer!!

All the curtains are closed on the front, and the fan is on, there is very little breeze today.......

Supper is some of the pork I froze a few weeks ago, roast spuds and courgette, carrots and beans with it. DB has asked for banana split for dessert.


  1. You're certainly not a minimalist are you? All those ornaments! (clutter!!) Glad I'm not your cleaner!!

  2. Which is exactly why I do not ask my cleaner to clean it!! As if its any of your business anyway.

  3. Try googling your printer, you should be able to change the print order in preferences. I also get the off line message (I have an hp) but can usually get it to work with a bit of fiddling around.

  4. I loathe our printer. The new one is wireless. It took two adult children to get it up and running.

    Is it a Beswick horse on the cabinet shelf?

    1. The horse is actually a bronze, it was given to my husbands grandfather as a prize when he won a bowls match many years ago. It never gets polished just dusted.

  5. Your hall dresser looks lovely! Well done on getting it tidy and evicting any and all spiders.

    Sorry about the printer rebellion and hope Janice's suggestion is helpful.



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