Wednesday, 21 August 2019

Another bad night

DB developed AF again last night lasted for 9 hours.  3.30am before it went off. He is ok this morning.I do not think the dose of medication is strong enough, he was on double the dose before his admission to hospital, so a visit to see the Dr. tomorrow morning.

I went into town and did the shopping not  much needed this week, I need to make some room in the freezer, so it was mostly fruit and the salad stuff we do not grow our selves, we are waiting for our tomatoes to ripen. 

Pleasant day, bright but windy.........pity I have not got laundry to dry!!

Supper tonight is quiche and salad. We have some of our own small spuds left so will do some of those to have with it. Fruit and ice cream for dessert.

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  1. Sorry for the bad night due to DB's AF happening again. Hope the visit to the doctor tomorrow can fix that problem.

    We're having more salads as the weather is so hot that they are delicious. Your menu sounds yummy, as usual!

    Either I twisted my ankle somehow yesterday or the arthritis is really bad but I can barely walk and that is really annoying.



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