Friday, 3 August 2018

Wash Day

I was awake early this morning so stripped the bed and got the linen dry on the line. I then did a second wash of DB's jamas etc need to take him clean stuff tomorrow.

SS went in last night, said DB was reading his I Pad. This morning I rang to see how he was, held on waiting for someone to come back to me to give a report for over 30 minutes, in the end I gave up and rang back an hour later. Once again I got someone who could not really understand me.......... SS is going in tonight and will let me know how DB has been.

It was a slow morning weatherwise, it was dull until after 11 am. Then the sun came out. I watered the garden early, found a large cucumber and several tomato's ripe.  There are some small beans developing, it will be a couple of days before they are big enough to pick. The sun seems to have gone again, its rather overcast, need to keep my eye out in case it rains.

SS is not happy that his dad is in a ward where they have an infection......we will have to see what happens. I realise that they do not have the space to barrier nurse them in separate rooms. There is no way that DB will come out whilst they still have the infection in the ward, so I have a bit of respite. 

I am planning on having fish and salad for tea tonight. Need to prep fruit to take in for DB tomorrow. I am going in a bit earlier, I have promised to meet a friend at the little chapel in the afternoon, they are doing a cream tea....... its for the local food bank Store House, we have to take tins, packets etc rather than pay for tea we donate the stuff for the bank.

I have managed to take medication as I should today, will have to drop back tomorrow to go in and see DB. My back is improving slowly. I managed to hang washing on the line without any pain, so thats a step forward.


  1. I hope his health problems are soon resolved. It's interesting that you say you'll have some respite whilst he's in hospital, personally I find hospital visiting absolutely exhausting and it's a huge relief when they're allowed home. Rest and relax while you can.

    1. The visiting is tiring, but I am only going in alternate days now so the days at home are 'me' days, I can do what I like when I like which is the respite I get. He has phoned me this afternoon, he wants a paper tomorrow so I will have to nip up to the post office before I go off tomorrow.

    2. Alternate days sounds like a good idea and other relatives visiting on those days you don't visit takes some of the pressure off without leaving him with no visitors.
      Our hospital has a little shop run by the Hospital Friends which sells drinks and odds and ends like toothpaste etc. which comes in handy. They sell newspapers and some magazines too, doesn't your hospital have one? It would save you a visit to the post office. Hospital wards used to have a chap going round selling newspapers and sweets, I don't know if they still do that.

  2. Am glad your back and the weather allowed you to get the laundry done and hope it stays clear until all is dry, then it can rain. :)

    Am glad to hear that DB seems to have perked up a bit and I'm sure that seeing his son does his heart good! He'll surely enjoy the fresh fruit you plan to take to him tomorrow. I think that the person in the ward who has the infection should have been put in isolation promptly so the other folks in the ward would have been safer.

    I hope to do some machine quilting today. Fingers crossed!


    1. Unfortunately Barbara there are two patients who have the infection and they just do not have spare rooms to barrier nurse on the ward. Edwin has phoned me this afternoon, he has seen a different Dr today, he was trying to tell me what he said but it appears he has been ok all day.

  3. Good news that your back is easing. I’m surprised the ward is allowing visitors at all when there is an infection but I’m sure DB will be glad to see you and have some fresh treats tomorrow. Enjoy your visit to the chapel’s cream tea. Don’t overdo the housework just because your back is a bit better. We have clammy, sticky horrible weather today, so I had to put the washed towels in the dryer. Enjoy your fish and salad-we’re having salad and chicken tonight as it needs used up.


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