Monday, 6 August 2018

Monday is another day

I went in to see DB early today, the mobile library is due. Took in what he had asked for and brought home some of his stuff which is in the washer. One of the Drs came whilst I was there,  no way they will release DB unless he comes home, which, until they resolve the passing out, is not going to be anytime soon. All the patients in his bit of the ward have to be free of the infection. One light, they are hoping to do his scan on Wednesday late on so the room and scanner can be cleaned and sterilised straight afterwards. No news about the EEG though.

The milk had gone sour this morning, so toast instead of cereal. So a quick trip to Aldi on the way home. I have bought myself chicken tikka marsala for my supper tonight. I can only have curry when DB is not here, the smell of the spices make him sick.

Towels washed early and on the line, will put clean ones out when the cleaners have been in the morning.

I saw the landscaper as I was going out. He is going to come round and sort out grassing most of the top part of the garden, just leaving one bed for garlic and onions plus strawberries, so we will not have as many strawberries as we did this year. My quilting friend wants 12 plants, so she can have the runners that have set. I am also going to think out the rhubarb, might keep two and grass up to the fence.
DB has said he knows he can no longer manage the veg garden. When I dig the plants out I will see if anyone on freecycle wants them. I am going to keep a large part of the herbaceous border. Once its fully planted up it will be easier to keep.


  1. I'm glad you got to talk to one of DB's doctors today, that they've got a plan to get the CT done, and that it is understood DB will stay in hospital until a cause for his blackouts is found.

    Sorry DB has had to face the fact that he can no longer garden to his heart's content and must scale back. How nice your strawberry runners can go to your friend.

    Hope your chicken tikka marsala is/was yummy!


  2. Some progress. Glad you can still plan and function in a creative way. Enjoy your curry.

  3. Glad to here DB is safe and sound and still free of infection. Think that’s a great idea putting more of the garden to grass and keeping the borders-they are an amazing testament to your hard work. Hope you enjoyed your curry-my mouth is watering must thinking about it.

  4. Were you able to clarify what the Doctor has prescribed Largactil for? A good plan for the garden making it less hard work and enough left to enjoy.

    I hope you enjoyed your curry supper!

  5. Let's hope they can get the test done and find out what going on. Praying he stays infection free while he's stuck in the hospital.

  6. It's very wearing when you have a loved one in Hospital isn't it?
    Now the infection is under control lets hope they get him sorted out it must be so frustrating for you.
    We were sad when we had to let our allotment go but I guess we have to come to terms with this ageing thing. lol


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