Sunday, 5 August 2018

Hmmmm famous last words.

Whilst DB's bowls friends were here the bell went again, it was another with a tower fan she had said she would lend  me.

It was 9.20 pm before she left and my supper was still sitting on the side in the kitchen. I put a cover over it, in the fridge, it will be supper tonight. I ended up going to be with 3 ryvita spread with cottage cheese, a tomato, a sliced nectarine and a cup of tea.

This morning DB phoned to let me know he was ok, an hour later the nurse phoned, they had not been able to give DB some of his medication as the lock had jammed, it was his heart tablet they needed and one other. As the ward is in lock down over this CRO no one except ward staff are allowed in. Visitors can go in but we have to wash and sanitise hands. Could I possibly go in with his medication. One of the drugs she mentioned I knew was not prescribed by our GP, looking it up its Largactil!! What the h**l he does not have parkinsons. So trip in with his script and also his meds. Nurse could not say why he was on Largactil, so it must have been prescribed by the Drs in the hospital. So as its locked in a locker that they cannot unlock, he can't have it. Hey ho......she then proceeded to walk off with the medication he should have had at breakfast time!! I called he back and eventually she gave it him.....what a performance. There have been no Drs on the ward since Friday, which horrifies me. I am going in again tomorrow and need to see the ward matron and find out whats going on. He is the only one in the bay who has had 3 clear swabs, so they should be able to move him. AArrgghhhhhh..........

Called in at DD2's on the way home for a cuppa, was dying of thirst.

Small load of laundry done its dry,also managed to get the bit of ironing done before the call from the hospital, will fold and put it away. Maybe then I will get to eat last night supper, chicken breast and veg. Time for another pain killer.


  1. It all makes your mind boggle doesn't it. It's not the staff that are at fault its the system. Nevertheless its worrying to know that there are no Doctors about and you can't get an explanation for things. I'm sure you are exhausted with it all and can't wait to get him home.
    Let's hope there's good news next time you go.

  2. What on earth is going on at that hospital? It seems there isn't much that's going right, doesn't it? At least DB is doing well despite them but you didn't need that extra trip to the hospital. Wishing you well as you go to ask for explanations tomorrow.

    Hope this evening is peaceful and calm for you and that you get a good night's sleep.


  3. Goodness me how traumatic all this is for you.

  4. Largactil isn't prescribed for Parkinsons Disease, in fact it's on the contraindication list for some Parkinsons meds such as Levodopa, etc.

    Did the nurse tell you Largactil was for treating Parkinsons? I think she must be mistaken. It can be used for anxiety, nausea, various manias etc. but it isn't listed for Parkinsons.

    When you get to see a Doctor I hope you'll get things clarified.

    In the meantime it all adds to the stress. I hope you have a more peaceful evening tonight and finally manage to have your chicken supper!

  5. I’m upset for you having to go and provide DB’s medication but not surprised. We had this with DH when he was troubled with his gall bladder-he has diabetes. I’m glad you visited your daughter and had a cuppa. Enjoy your chicken tonight and hope you can have DB transferred soon to somewhere nearer.

  6. Sandy in the USA5 August 2018 at 10:28

    Please try not to stress out. I understand your frustration, but DB is very lucky indeed to have you in his corner. He needs an advocate and you are definitely that. If something seems wrong or neglectful on the part of the hospital, you do need to be the one to try and set it straight. Here's hoping that DB can get out of there soon and come home. Sending you a prayer.


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