Friday, 10 August 2018

Happy Birthday Me...Not

After DB 'blew his stack' yesterday they have moved him into another bay further down the ward, just two chaps both of whom are free from the CRO.

I went in this morning, he had a decent nights sleep, although he was dozing when I got here. fingers crossed no passing out for 2 days. He wanted me to find out what was happening, so I went to see the discharge nurse, he is not being discharged until the care package is in place which could be sometime next week, so at last someone has listened to what I had to say. Its not ideal but it will help.

It was fine this morning, but after I got home it started to spit with rain.

The gardener has been and cut the grass and sorted some of the cutting back that needed doing and also turned over the bed we are keeping for onions and garlic next year.

I have a sweet and sour chicken for supper tonight........


  1. Happy Birthday to you...and many more. You and DB are surely going through a rough patch right now. Do something nice for yourself today. You deserve it!

  2. It's about time the medical folks got the healthier patients away from those with infections. DUH!

    As I know from our hospice experience with FIL, having care people come to your home on a daily basis is a mixed blessing. AMIL felt she needed to be perky for these visitors and that was taxing on her. FIL ate up the attention and the help they gave meant there was less for AMIL and DH to do for him.

    Yippee for rain, even in small amounts!

    Yes, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!. Enjoy your dinner of sweet and sour chicken and CAKE!


  3. Thank goodness things are now moving in the right direction.

  4. Happy Birthday and sorry you spent it hospital visiting. That’s good that a care package is being organised as both of you need it to be fact before DB comes home.

  5. Steps in the right direction. Fingers crossed. Happy Birthday x

  6. Happy Birthday! May the coming year be so much better for you and DB xx

  7. Happy Birthday. 🌺🍰🌺 from Nanny Anny in Canada.

  8. Have we missed something, assuming that *blew his stack* means he lost his temper, what was that about? I can't see anything about it on previous post. xx

    1. The chap in the bed opposite had the infection, DB does not, he kept wandering over and trying to get into DB's bed, handled the things on his bed tray and used the walker which had been cleaned for DB to use. He spent most of the night wandering about keeping DB awake. As DB was infection free he was not happy about this, there was an incident involving the patient and DB got very upset........they should have moved him last week when they first realised that the other 3 patients in the bay were infectious and DB was not. I had already asked why he was still in the bay and had not had a satisfactory reply. DB subsequently discovered that the bay he was moved to had been 3/4 empty for more than a week. They had no excuse not to move him away from the infection before. I had mentioned 'the wanderer' before.

  9. Forgot to say happy birthday, congratulations xx

  10. Sandy in the USA10 August 2018 at 17:41

    Happy Birthday from the USA. I'm glad that DB is stabilizing and that he will soon be home. Give yourself a pat on the back for making it through the past year and on to the next :)


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