Saturday, 11 August 2018

Day at home

I had a day at home today DB was quite happy, he phoned me during the morning to let me know he was ok.

I did not get up early it was after 9am before my feet hit the floor, I am beginning to feel rather weary. Will be going in to see DB tomorrow just after lunch.

Phone calls from friends and relatives last night eager to know what was going on with DB. He does seem to be a bit brighter now they have moved him. He says he still has his headache but gets medication when he needs it.

Not done much, I did manage to layer up the quilt, cannot make up my mind how to quilt its still sitting on the table....did manage to knit another sleeve to the jacket and started on the main body, it will take a bit of knitting.

Supper tonight a jacket spud with cheese and some salad. I have a slice of cheesecake I will have for dessert.


  1. Hope the day rested you a bit.

  2. It's good to hear that DB is in better spirits despite the ongoing headache. Hope the change of scenery in his new part of the ward and perhaps a healthier ward mate are helping, too.

    Perhaps when the care package is in place and DB is back home, you can run errands when a carer is with DB.

    Well done in getting the SBS quilt layered and another sleeve knitted for the baby garment!

    Your supper sounds yummy as does the cheesecake! Enjoy!

    Today I hope to cut the background fabric for the O&U quilt.


  3. Hope you enjoyed your day at home with your knitting and possibly quilting. Safe journey if you are travelling in tomorrow.

  4. So glad to hear DB is doing better.


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