Thursday, 2 August 2018

Another stone in the shoe

I was awake at 4 am this morning, did not go back to sleep, so read until 8am.

Phoned the hospital was again told that OH was fine, I get there and find out he passed out again!! Drs have confirmed that his headache is from his neck, so he has to put up and shut up. Still no idea whats causing his blackouts. He had a slight one this afternoon whilst we were there, did not go right out though. Although I asked to see a Dr, no one arrived, will try again on Saturday when I next go in. Otherwise I will be leaving a letter for his notes. I took him melon and strawberries in which he ate, and also a container of peeled satsumas and grapes which I have left for him to eat later.

The ward is closed to new admissions or anyone being discharged, they have two patients with infections. Had to sterilise hands going in and out of the ward regardless.

I spent half an hour this morning putting the remaining borders on the quilt. I have had to order cotton batting, the only batting I have is polyester which is a no no for babies.

Its very warm again, air is quite muggy........only a slight breeze.

To the anonymous poster yesterday, the idea is for DB to go for either respite  care or rehab, once my back has improved and we get a care package in place he will come home. No way is he never coming home again, I am very upset you should suggest this. DB is fully aware that just now I am not able to cope especially if he passes out, I cannot pick him up, it would be an ambulance and the vicious circle starts again. You need to live in my would soon understand why my GP is concerned about both of us. If you feel you cannot be supportive, please do not post again.


  1. What a bother to have awakened at 4am so hope you had a nana nap today or will get a full night's restful sleep tonight.

    Sorry the puzzlement about the cause of DB's blackouts continues. Has he had a MRI, CT, or some such test that can peek inside his head and neck to perhaps give a clue as to whether all is normal inside or not?

    Am glad to hear there are plans in place for where DB can go if he's not ready to come straight home or if your back isn't ready for him. Please disregard "anonymous" and the careless comment that was left.

    Well done on getting the last borders on the SBS quilt!! Applause!


  2. I do not publish anonymous comments unless they put a name on. Glad things are getting sorted. In Scotland we get free personal care. I am about to commence being showered twice a week....

  3. May I say, that with a husband in slightly similar circumstances, you are wise to listen to your Dr. Falls are debilitating and one cant safely deal with them withoout help. My husband now has to have double handed care three times daily. Best wishes.

  4. Unless you've been in the shoes of this kind of situation you have no idea how stressful it is. I have, and know what you are going through. Just going up and down the Hospital every day is very tiring and trying to get hold of a Doctor to talk to is nigh on impossible. Hang in there, it will come to and end and things will get back on an even keel.

  5. Glad DB is still safely in hospital until a rehab/respite plan can be put in place. I think all your supportive followers know your situation and support your GPs plan. I like working with cotton or bamboo batting but I usually need to send away for it as the local fabric shop sells only polyester. I made a queece today which you can see in the usual place. Weather is ghastly here-dull, clammy. Spitty rain hence the reason I was sewing. Take care.

  6. Some people are just plain ignorant , I presume DB has been checked for a heart complaint , my husband had dizzy spells and felt like he would faint and had terrible sleep apnea. Unfortunately he didn't get diagnosed until after he had a heart attack when two of his arteries were found to be blocked .

  7. Why on earth do they always say he's fine when you phone the hospital. As you are his wife you'd think they could give you a little more information! Very frustrating for you. I hope that when Edwin does come home you get lots of home care help. No idea what is available to you in the Uk but I'm sure a plan will be in place. Hope you sleep better tonight.

  8. If the problems are in his neck it may be cutting off the blood supply to his brain hence the blackouts. Carotid artery disease which can also cause severe headaches


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