Tuesday, 10 July 2018

That did not last long...

When we woke this morning, it was dull, overcast and blessedly cool!!

By lunchtime the sun was out and the temperature was climbing again.

DB was in the garden this morning. I did a bit of ironing and then sorted out all but one bit of the SBS's for the quilt. I have cut all the background blocks, I just have to copy the pattern onto tracing paper and place the fabric from the back so they are facing the right way. I can then fuse the hats, dresses and shoes down, once the sleeves and hands are on I can start to sew them down with a tiny blanket stitch. I have some double sided fusible wadding I am going to use......not really decided about sashing.....

Another 15 ozs of rasps and 8 ozs of gooseberries picked this morning. I am going to open freeze them and then put them in bags in the freezer.

We watched part of the 100 year celebrations for the RAF on TV at lunch time whilst we ate our lunch.

DB was at the Drs this afternoon, his blood test was ok, he has drops for his eye, has to be put in every 3 - 4 hours during the day. 

Sausage, mash and beans requested for supper. I have put some raspberries in dishes for dessert.

Tomorrow I am going into Leicester to take back some clothes I ordered which do not fit, either too big or too long. Hope I can find something to replace them. I also need knickers, the ones I have are beginning to look like Sunday knickers, holey....... my grandmother always used to insist that knickers were clean and in good repair, 'in case we got knocked over' and taken to hospital........

Thursday I plan to do an early morning dash to Aldi for, I hope, a smaller shop. We are out for tea in the afternoon to our friends.

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  1. Well done on your SBS progress! Hope you enjoy the process of pairing up dresses with sleeves, bonnets, and shoes!

    Ha! My grandma and mother said the same thing about tidy undies, so you'd not be embarrassed - or embarrass your mother - by tatty undies if you were in an accident. Wishing you success in finding the new clothes you need.

    It's hot here but I finally made the trip to the grocery anyway. Nice to have ice water to drink.



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