Saturday, 7 July 2018

Out to tea

Golly its been hot again today, we spent an hour in the morning in the garden, then came in as it started to heat up. Lunch was smoked salmon and cucumber sandwiches.

We were off by 1.15 to DB's old bowls club, it was a bit chaotic but eventually those who were playing sorted themselves out and the games started. We sat there like now DB knows how I felt the years I sat and watched him play bowls on Presidents Day. we sat inside for quite a while it was too  hot in the sun.

The tea was nice, but phew it was hot........ we were glad to get home out of the heat, I am exhausted.

I gather England are through to the semi final of the world cup, to be honest I just could not care, was more interested in watching Nadal at Wimbledon, but of course was not allowed to. They had rigged up a TV at the bowls club.

Fan is on in the sitting room.......its very muggy outside.


  1. Extreme heat is so very draining but am glad you and DB could meet up with some of his old friends and have tea - but nicer to get back home.

    Glory be! We had rain last night and today is much cooler. What a joy. :)

    Am off to cook next door and then hope to have the energy to go to the grocery and library.

    Also have thoughts rattling around in my head for a quilt I'd like to make but may make it smaller or larger than the pattern. It makes a 60" square quilt and that's not such a useful size unless you have a baby or small child.


  2. Thanks very nice blog!

  3. Smoked salmon again! Did your friend give you the leftovers?

    There's nothing like a good PATRIOTIC game of footie!


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