Wednesday, 25 July 2018

Not so hot

The forecast was for it to be hotter than ever today. For us it has not been so bad, we have a breeze which is keeping it cooler.

DB finished putting the preservative on the shed this morning. I managed to do a bit more at the quilt, I just have the hands to applique down and join the strips of blocks up. Apart from that I have not done much.

My back seems to be okish, its just if I move funny it hurts. The medication is knocking me out though. Dr recommended I take it at night for the first few nights.

Early doors tomorrow, I have to go for a haircut at 10am and DB has an appointment with the dentist at 3.20pm, so two journey's into town.

The water seems to be ok, there are occasional air locks but it does clear. We have to return the water carriers to our friends on Friday morning.

Smoked haddock, poached egg and bread for supper, not really that hungry.


  1. Thank heavens for cool breezes! We have woods on the western side of our home and find the breeze that comes through the woods is much cooler, courtesy of the shade trees.

    How nice that your water is mostly running as it should!

    Hope your pills and caution in moving help relieve your back pain. I've taken my pain pills this morning as my low back was causing me to hobble like a little old lady.

    Well done on your SBS quilt!!


  2. I’d rather go to the dentist than the hairdresser. I hate anyone touching my head and no matter how often you say no conditioner, no head massage thanks, the junior usually tries to do both! Very muggy here now.


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