Monday, 2 July 2018

No rain for us

Apparently they have had some rain down south, none for us though.

There is a breeze which keeps it cooler in the shade, but its still hot out in the sun.

Up early this morning, took DB for his blood test, the surgery was full, but thankfully for the Dr and nurse not the phlebotomist so we were in and out.

DB has been out in the garden for an hour, I have changed the bed and the washing is almost dry on the line.

We spent most of yesterday inside out of the sun, the laundry I put out was dry by lunchtime, so folded and put away.

I have been feeling a bit out of sorts the last few days, could not pin down what it was, then I realised I had been taking Ibrufen last thing at night.......last night I did not take any, I still felt a bit wobbit when I got up but as the morning has gone on I have been feeling better.....hmmmmm.....something else I cannot take???

Chicken salad tonight, we are picking raspberries, gooseberries and blackcurrants now. The garden is so dry.........even the beans are not setting.


  1. Here is something I found out recently. NASIDS can cause dehydration. Are you increasing your liquid intake when taking pain killers? ana usa

  2. No rain for us either but at least a bit of a breeze today. DH has been out cutting back shrubs which have run amok and blocking our view when coming off the driveway. More salad again today but I’m craving soup but don’t think I’ll give in and make some. I can’t take anything like Ibrufen because it plays havoc with my stomach.

  3. Am glad you and DB could be in and out of the surgery in good time and that DB can still enjoy the garden.

    Sorry you've felt out of sorts but I'd blame the heat. It's blazing hot here, too, and I feel like just sitting in out and not doing much at all beyond reading. Come on rain!

    Ana's comment about NSAIDs causing dehydration is very interesting.

    We've been having salads with a bit of meat, too.

    I hope to cut batting today but time will tell.


  4. I cant take ibuprofen as it reacts with other drugs I take. Check it out with your pharmacist. Hope DB is ok. And you. x

  5. Ibuprofen should only be used once in awhile...for many reasons it is hard on the body. Coated buffered aspirin is still the best for generalized pain.


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