Sunday, 8 July 2018

its cooling down

I had a bad night, just could not get off to sleep, it was well after 4am.

I woke just before 8am and went into the sitting room, it was so hot I thought I had left the fire on, so I went through and opened the kitchen door.

We had our usual Sunday breakfast, but were up, dressed and walked round the the chapel for 10.30. Today was the lay pastors birthday, a cake had been made and was enjoyed with a cup of tea at the end of the service, we even had candles!!

We were given a present this morning. I usually get two diaries from Card Factory, they are not too big but have a date a day and do fit in a big handbag. Last year I was unable to get them and had to settle for something different. I noticed earlier this year that our friend had one, she had been given it as a present, this morning she presented us with one each, she had found them in CF at Grantham on Friday.

It was still very warm, but now, mid afternoon it seems to be cooling down a bit, there is a breeze and quite a bit of cloud.

I decided this morning to give a cooked sunday supper a miss. A quiche and salad with new potatoes is planned.

DB went into the garden and picked another 14 ozs of rasps, that makes 3lbs picked so far. I have put them on the tray in the freezer to loose freeze them against desserts during the winter.

We just had cheese and biscuits at lunch time after a big piece of cake each we were not really hungry.

I hope the weather is going to be a bit cooler, it has been too hot for me, I have been spending a lot of time reading. No point in trying to sew, the sun is in the sewing room  window in the afternoon and with the iron on it would be unbearable. Hopefully, I will be able to start work on the quilt next week.... I really want to get it done, I have to start thinking about the fair in November.

A glass of chilled rose has just appeared so I guess I had better go and drink it.


  1. Cold food all the way for us-I’m becoming quite inventive in my quest for tasty lower carb meals. Had an ice looly this afternnon for the first time in many years and thoroughly enjoyed it. We had oatcakes, cheese and fruit at lunchtime.

  2. So sorry for the wakeful night you endured and hope a nana nap was fitted into your afternoon schedule.

    What a delight that your neighbor found the diaries you and DB wanted!

    Yum! Cake earlier, quiche and salad to anticipate, and more raspberries!

    Hope your weather cools down so you can sew in comfort when you want to.

    I'm cutting backing fabrics for 3 small projects today.


  3. How lovely that you are attending Sunday morning chapel service and close enough to walk. Would love to see a picture of the chapel, it sounds so nice and friendly.

    quiche and salad with new potatoes sounds perfect!


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