Friday, 20 July 2018


Set off for the hospital with my neighbour for her appointment. Wonder of wonders the waiting room was almost empty, just one other person in the waiting room.

D appeared with a broad smile on her face, she has a removable splint on her foot, she can sit with it off but has to have it on when moving about in the house and she was been warned her skin is very thin, so she has to be really careful.

She has another appointment in August to get a first fit of her shoes and her foot checked.

We were home well before lunch time. The gardener had phoned to say he would come tomorrow morning, as he had an all day job today. Thats fine, as long as he comes.

Rain was forecast but did not arrive, apparently its now due tonight, we will see.

My back is ok as long as I do not move  suddenly, it tweeks occasionally. I did have a bit of a problem getting out of the car when I got back this morning. No further journeys planned until after the weekend so a chance to rest it and hopefully getting back to normal. I am still taking the painkillers and DB is putting the foul smelling ointment on it at night.

Fish and chips for supper, DB has picked enough beans for us to have. The rasps are about finished, I have frozen another tray full. I did get some jam sugar yesterday, so if the weather cools down I will be making some raspberry jam.

No sewing done, I am still searching for the right pink thread for the pink girls hats etc. I suppose I could cut the sashing and sew the 3 rows together and join the whole thing together once the pink bits of the sewing is done.

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  1. How kind of you to take D to her appt. and that she's healing as hoped!

    Wishing your back will be back to normal after these days of being careful, taking pills, and using that ointment.

    So glad your garden is still doing well and will keep my fingers crossed that needed rain arrives this evening.

    Do you suppose you'll need to shop for the pink thread rather that order on-line?

    We have a cooler day and it's lovely!



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