Thursday, 26 July 2018

Even the wind is hot!!

Yesterday was cooler until the evening, today its been full on all day, even the wind is warm......apparently the A1 is getting hailstones, rain and wind, it has not reached us yet although the wind is getting lives in hope!!

At Aldi just after 8am, back home and then off to the hairdressers for hair cuts, DB was complaining about his leg he caught in the garden the other week. So a swift visit to the Dr. The surgery was almost empty so we did not have to wait too long He has antibiotics.  This afternoon he had to go to the dentist, two teeth have abscess's under so more antib's and an appointment in 3 weeks to get at least one out.

I decided to park at Sainsbugs in the town, DB could walk to the dentist from there. I have been trying to get cornflour for three weeks, finally managed to get 2 packets, so stocked up for now.

I really am ready for the sun to go somewhere else, I am feeling very lethargic, no energy at all.

No sewing done, no time, I fell asleep for an hour after lunch.  Salad with bacon frittata for supper.


  1. With you all the way. We are just flopping about all day where ever is coolest. No energy and not much getting done. So frustrating as there is plenty I want to do.

  2. So sorry you're dealing with heat and hot wind. Hope that wind blows some cooling rain (no hail!) your way asap.

    Am glad DB has seen the dentist and is now on antibiotics for those abscessed teeth. Ouch! Hope his leg feels lots better soon. It does take a while for some muscles to recover from falls.

    What do you plan to make with the cornflour?

    It's warming up again here and the humidity is a misery.

    I need to re-thread my sewing machine with red thread for the machine quilting.


  3. Long ago fed up with the heat. Hoping for some rain to cool down the air and water the gardens.


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