Tuesday, 3 July 2018

Cooler day

The wind is coming from the south today, its quite a bit cooler. Even so DB will not be out in the garden for much longer. He has picked raspberries and pinned down more strawberry runners....4 ozs of rasps so some for supper and I will start and freeze the rest.

I was awake at the back of 5am, read for a while and then dozed off again until 8am. Towels are on the line, they will not take long to dry in the breeze.

I got 7 books from the mobile library yesterday, I also have some e books pending so will alternate books with e books. I doubt 7 will last me the 4 weeks.

I decided to iron yesterdays bed linen whilst the back bedroom was still cool, also fused the shoes for the Sun Bonnet Sue to the shoe fabric. I have decided to do the hats and sleeves in either plain purple or pink, they will stand out a bit better then against the dress fabric. I need to cut the background blocks, might do that either tomorrow or Thursday, once I have everything fused and cut out I can get the blocks made up and start sewing then down.

I have come up with a couple of ideas for the Artisan Fair in November, will be moving on to that once the quilt is done.

Smoked haddock with poached egg for supper, will do some brown bread with it. I dare say there will be raspberries and ice cream for dessert.

Off to watch Wimbledon.................

The Hosta by the back door

The day lilies are in bloom

Flowers on the climbing beans

Think this is phlox.

The rose on the right of the arch is flowering at last.

The butterflies are going daft on the lavender, there are dozens of them out there, mostly red admiral. They fly up a a huge cloud as anyone comes to the gate.


  1. How nice to have a cooler day so DB could be happily busy in the garden and you could iron the linen and press the fabrics for SBS shoes and hats in the cool of your sewing room. Wish it was cooler here.

    Nice, too, to have had ideas for things to make for the Artisan Fair!

    Hope you sleep better tonight.


  2. Ta for the wonderful photos! Am glad the butterflies are happy, too. :)

    More hugs!

  3. Sandy in the USA3 July 2018 at 10:47

    The butterflies sound so lovely! Any chance of a photo? I planted our garden to attract swallowtails but we don't see too many here between the desert climate and the predator birds. Enjoy Wimbledon :)

  4. Still really hot here so sewing is slow. Your garden is truly lush and hope you get rain soon as I know watering is both expensive and a chore.


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