Thursday, 5 July 2018

Another phew day

I was out by 8am off to Aldi, back home 9.15 shopping put away by 9.30. Still managed to spend £40+though.

Spent the rest of the day inside. I did not sleep well last night so had a Nana nap after lunch. My right hip is not too happy for some reason.

DB was only out in the garden for an hour before it became too hot, so he has been inside too. Watching the tennis.

I went to see our neighbour this morning, brought her some flowers, she said that she and her son had a reasonable day yesterday. She still has her arm bandaged right up, back to see the nurse on Monday to get it redressed again. She was very touched by the card yesterday.

Bacon Frittata with salad for supper tonight. I think DB may go out shortly to pick raspberries. 3lbs of blackcurrants from the one bush we have, there will be more gooseberries later as well.

 Our sweet peas have started to flower at last, the scent is very strong especially in the sun. The butterflies are still fluttering round the lavender in the front,there were several white ones this morning as well. We are using washing up water to water the flowers by the house. I found a wilted geranium in one of the containers yesterday, so it has an extra water, perked up ok today. 


  1. Sorry about your poor sleep last night so hope the nana nap perked you up. How wise you were to go to the grocery early before the day could heat up.

    It's wonderful that your garden continues to produce fruits and veggies and that DB enjoys gardening so very much.

    Our forecast is for rain tomorrow and tomorrow night so may that come to pass, please, and the weather may cool off thereafter. Hope so!

    I found a blog post about a really scrappy quilt using scraps and found it interesting as I have lots of scraps.


  2. Another scorcher here too. My DH was feeling quite poorly this afternoon with the effects. I love butterflies but haven’t seen many this year.


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