Tuesday, 24 July 2018

And so it continues

Its hotter than ever today, we got water back during the night, but the water company also delivered water in bottles to the sheltered and supported housing in the village. Long Clawson is still without water after 24 hours. We were so grateful to our friends for bailing us out!!

Drs this afternoon, I have strained the muscles in my back, additional painkillers to take.......also spoke about losing weight, I have to aim to loose about 1 - 2 lbs a week, watch this space.

Cleanes here as well as the foot lady, so a busy day. The house is nice and clean, I am so grateful, in this heat I would just  melt. Our feet and now tickety boo..........for another couple of months.

I managed to do a couple of the SBS's, the new thread is a decent match and you cannot see it unless you are right on top of it. I did discover a stray bit of raspberry on one of the blocks. I managed to get it out with a bit of soap and water. I hope to finish the blocks tomorrow, I just have the hands to do once I have finished the dresses. They should not take too long.

I cooked pork casserole for supper we had it with rice and veg, made a change. I start my diet next week.........there is enough left for another supper. 3 meals a day, plenty of water to drink......no ice cream.......hmmmmm.......

DB was out in the garden for n hour this morning before it got too hot, he has been reading since he has been inside.

I did not sleep too well last night, so a nana nap when I got back this afternoon.


  1. Regards the diet. When Tom was diagnosed with gaul stones he had to go on a low fat diet and so I did it as well. Without trying I lost 8 kl in 3 months. I only found out when I had to go to dr and they weighed me. It's fairly easy, just cut right down on all fats, it works.

  2. I need to lose weight too, it's not easy! Or fairly easy!

  3. Sorry to hear you've strained the muscles in your back so your self-diagnosis was correct. Am glad you've got more pills to see you through.

    Well done on your progress on the SBS quilt!

    Your pork casserole sounds yummy and I wish you well on the weight loss effort. AMIL used to say after trying nearly every diet on the planet, what worked best for her was to eat a bit less, snack on carrots if at all, and move around more.



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