Friday, 6 July 2018

A hot night

the temperature did not seem to drop at all last night, it was very muggy when we went to bed.

Woke this morning to grey sky but by 9.30 the sun had broken through and its been another very hot day.

Our gardener came just before we went out, he has cut the grass and weeded the whole of the herbaceous border.

Our journey to Desford was uneventful, lunch was smoked salmon sandwiches  and salad. Almond tart accompanied a cup of tea later. Lots of chat, it was good to see her.

The journey home was the usual stop start, it does not seem to matter what time we leave the road is chock a block with cars and lorries all jockeying for space on the road. I was glad to turn off onto the cross country road and get home.

There is a musical event in the village this weekend, starts tonight, so I think we will be subject to some loud noise. There are camping facilities, they were beginning to fill up as we passed the village hall.

Fish and chips tonight, rasps to follow. I hope its a bit cooler for sleeping tonight.


  1. We've been having very warm night's too, so you have my sympathy! Hope you have a fan in the bedroom so it stirs up moving air and I can tell you that feels good.

    So glad you had a good day out, good food, good visit, and a nicely cut yard and weeded border to greet you when you and DB returned home!

    Hope whatever music floats across the air to you from the music festival is pleasant and melodic.

    It's horribly hot here and our chance of rain for this afternoon and night has dwindled from 90% to 50% but suppose there is still hope for rain.

    I find it difficult to get interested in sewing when it's so hot. Is that true for you?


  2. Has your friend got shares in a smoked salmon company? Hee hee no need to guess what you'll be having every time you go!


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