Thursday, 28 June 2018

That was a day.....

Up early, breakfast and then of with my neighbour to the hospital, her appointment time was 9.30. She finally got in at 11.35.

By the time I got back again the carpet cleaners had been and gone, they have made a good job of the carpet, it looks like new. We are waiting for it to finish drying and then we can put the furniture back. They have left most things standing on blocks of foam to take the water up.

We sat outside after lunch, the computer chap came with DB's lap top, he said the hard disc had failed in a position he had never seen before. DB has lost s lot of stuff so I guess he is going to remember to back it up each week from now on.

Postman came with a parcel from a friend, and also brought me an invite to the Artisan show in November. I need to get some ideas if I am going to take part this year. I could make another tree skirt and I have an idea for some different table mats and possibly a couple of bags, but I need to do the quilt for my GGD first. It looks like the machine could get brought back into use this space.

Its been a really hot day again, we sat out in the garden, but I could feel my arms burning, so we had to come in, trod carefully over the carpet to sit, me on the settee with my legs up and DB with his legs up on this chair.

I have lamb casserole for supper, dumpling, green beans, calabrese and carrot no strawberries for dessert tonight.

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  1. How kind of you to take your neighbor to her appointment and nice that you missed the noise and bother of the carpet cleaning! Hope it dries quickly so all can be put in place.

    It's good DB's computer is repaired and back home.

    Wishing you creative thoughts and energy for sewing!

    Another hot day here and its a real misery to be outside. I trimmed the too-wide lime border on Dreamsicle and hope to sew the directional borders back on today. The remaining lime border will show at 3/4" which should look much better.



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