Monday, 4 June 2018

Strawberries yum yum

A very dull morning when we got up, I stripped the bed and the laundry is on the line, Although it was grey the laundry seems to have dried.

DB was in the garden sorting out the grass where we had the patio put in and also creating an extension to the path round the water butt.

DB picked the first of the strawberries from our strawberry bed, we will have them for supper after the chicken salad.

Library van came today, our old driver is back, but riding shotgun, he is not allowed to drive yet.

I volunteered to take a neighbour to hospital for treatment, she has a problem with her left foot and has to go for regular treatment, she has an appointment on Friday so I will be 'on duty' Friday morning. Wednesday is the coffee morning, Thursday I am taking the car in to get two new tyres and then go to Aldi to do the shopping so a busy week in view.

I have just realised its 3 years ago today we signed on the dotted line and got the keys to the bungalow!! Looking at the garden now and as it was then makes me wonder how we managed it all. Our greatest help was G who came and dug over the top of the garden and the herbaceous bed for us. He could not understand why I wanted him to dig out the curves I had laid out using the old clothes line. R has also been a great help to  us putting the raised beds in and sorting out the shed. People we could not have got so far without!!


  1. Strawberries blessed by sunshine-delicious. You have worked wonders in the house and garden in three years.

  2. I remember your delight when approved for a two bedroom bungalow with front and back gardens - despite the sad shape all were in at the time. Yes, as Catriona wrote, you and DB have worked wonders in both house and garden since you signed on the dotted line!

    Happy Bungalow Anniversary!


  3. Didn't you have "the first of the strawberries" yesterday? You had one each!

    A sign of our old age, not remembering what we did the day before!


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