Saturday, 9 June 2018

Out to tea

Saturday, so no mad rush to get up this morning. It was quite dull and appeared to have rained during the night, no gardening for DB today.

He spent the morning in front of the TV watching Trooping the colour, I was busy in the kitchen, so got the full running commentary.

Snack lunch as its the village tea for the over 60's this afternoon. We have a monthly draw in the village you pay £12 a year and once a month there is a draw and 3 prizes are allocated. Some years ago it was decided that as there was cash in hand at the end of the year the money should pay for an afternoon tea for the older residents of the village. There are usually about 40 of us. there is a salad with pork pie, ham etc, then trifle and cream or something similar and cake. We also get a lottery ticket and everyone goes home with something. Any food that is not used is bagged up for people to take home. Wine, water tea and coffee to drink.

Two parcels delivered, one had the lily bulbs in the other some mats for the garden and a tyre checker for the car, so I can check the  cars and top up the tyres if needs be. Just one parcel to come, the Weigela.

The cul de sac is very quiet, we will be off shortly to the village hall for tea.


  1. It sound like you and DB have are having a lovely day with no hurry, packages arriving, and afternoon tea with village friends. Am glad the rain moved on after watering the garden nicely.

    We have another hot day with thunderstorms possible later in the day and into the evening. That is all normal for late spring in the South. I have a trip to the grocery to make so hope to get that finished before any storms arrive.


  2. Look forward to hearing about your afternoon.


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