Sunday, 3 June 2018

OOhh ouch....

We woke to a sunny morning, after our usual Sunday Brekkie DB went out to paint preservative on the back of the fence we had put in. I decided to tackle a bit more of the border.......mistake.....back and legs started to protest.......I sat down for a few minutes and then started again.....oohhhh, I did manage half and hour, so not too bad, just have a small piece to tackle and then I can start planting out the plants from the nursery.

I phoned up yesterday to price up compost from a local garden centre, I need it delivered.......£50 ouch......I need enough to put a deep layer all over the herbaceous border.

Supper tonight, roast chicken, stuffing and veg. May be rhubarb crumble for dessert.

There were two ripe strawberries in the garden last night, so we had one each, scrummy, cannot wait for some more to ripen. Our strawberries are all from runners from Cambridge Favourite plants which we bought for our garden in Port Seton in 1994. We have taken them everywhere  with us and also given a lot of the runners away. The first lot we planted when we came here in 2015 will be taken out at the end of the growing season. Runners planted in a new bed.

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  1. Sorry for your aches and pains from the time in the garden. Might you need raised beds all around the garden perimeter, too, so it's all easier to reach?

    How marvelous that the strawberries you two purchased 24 years ago are still producing so well - and are so tasty!

    Dinner sounds yummy!

    Big storm here last night and the power was out unexpectedly, so my computer is just now functional thanks to good tech help from DS2. Phew! I thought it might have been fried. The storm blew in a cold front and it's delightfully cool outside as it sprinkles gently.



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