Sunday, 17 June 2018

Oh dear black clouds

and I have a load of washing to go out...arrghhhhh...... will wait a bit and see what happens. We could do with the rain to be honest the ground is cracking its so dry.

We had a lie in this morning after yesterday. OH ended up going for a nap he was so tired, re-enforcing my feeling that visiting gardens is getting too much for us. It is a shame but when your body tells you something is too much you have to listen. I am sad, but hey ho thats life. The gardens are open again today, I hope they do not get rained out.

Spent sometime out in the garden this morning. DB is picking yet more strawberries, I yanked out a few weeds and watered the pots that were not in direct sun, although the sun had gone just now and its quite a bit cooler. I need to get at least 2 of the wires in on the fence, the rose is really growing, it wants tying back. The clematis is also ready to be cut back, so may be tomorrow.......or tuesday.

We are waiting for this years garlic harvest, they are not quite ready yet so the lamb for supper is marinading just in red wine. OH dug a couple of shaws of new spuds, they are in the pot for supper. I might just do a couple of roasties as well. We will be having strawberries for dessert.

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