Saturday, 30 June 2018

Not so hot

We have a cool breeze this morning, so unless you are right in the sun its not so bad. We sat out for morning tea and it was quite pleasant.

DB has dug up another couple of shaws of new spuds some for tonight and some to tomorrow. I have strung the garlic and its hung up, the onions are bagged. There will be another crop of onions later. Leeks have been planted.

I watered the garden heavily last night just before we went to bed. We do not have a hose pipe ban as yet, but Severn Trent have asked that people are aware that stocks will not last for ever, we really need a week of steady rain at the least. DB has filled two barrels with water so we can use watering cans to water. As far as we can we have the pots on trays so any water that runs through can be taken up by the roots from the trays

Fuchsia in a container by the fence.

This is a baby Barnsley lavetera still in its pot destined for the front garden once we get some rain and the ground is soft enough to get it in. There are a couple of other shrubs that are also going in the front.

The strawberries are finished, DB is starting to pin down runners, we need 24. 12 for us and 12 for a friend. We had the first raspberries with ice cream last night.

Quiche and salad tonight, home grown lettuce. There are fruit on the cucumber but they are not big enough to harvest yet.

Whilst we were sitting having our morning tea in the garden we saw a red kite circling, there is also a buzzard we see from time to time watching the fields behind us. 

I have a loaf on, we have not been eating so much bread, stocks in the freezer are running low, so time to make more.

I plant to spend an hour in the sewing room after lunch, I want to trace the SBS onto bond a web so I can start cutting out the pieces. At least I can get the purple ones done and the background squares cut and marked. I may go to the fabric warehouse in the morning to try and find some pink fabrics, depends what time we get up.


  1. Great that you are managing to keep your garden producing-my favourite would be the spuds. I would serve them with butter, oatmeal and cheese-scrumptious. Happy fabric hunting.

  2. How nice to have a break from the heat and that the garden is doing so well! I imagine that baking bread has your home smelling divine, too.

    I look forward to seeing your fabric choices for the quilt!

    It's going to be horribly hot here and that is no fun.


  3. Wow sounds like an very busy day. We are very hot here in the US also. So far we have not been rationed on water. Keeping our fingers crossed. I love your blog it is so interesting. I get some ideas everytime I read it. Thanks for all your ideas.


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