Thursday, 7 June 2018

Not a good morning

I was up early, I had arranged to take the car in at 8.30 to change the front tyres, all done on the internet. When I got there, no sign of the booking and no tyres........could I come back this afternoon.....'No!' In the end I settled for slightly cheaper tyres. Tracking checked bill came to just under £100.00.

On to Aldi to do the shopping, home just after

Its a coolish morning, although the sun is trying to come through.

The chap came about the kitchen floor. Its dry enough for the work to be done, so he is coming tomorrow so we have had to empty the cupboard and the sink unit top. I am out tomorrow morning, so DB will have to oversee whats going on.

Supper tonight is sausage casserole with veg and mash. Not sure if there will be strawberries for dessert.

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  1. How frustrating to have scheduled appointments treated as unscheduled when you'd taken care to arrange things ahead!

    Hurray that the kitchen floor is dry enough for the work to begin tomorrow - and I hope it's finished tomorrow, too! Having this over and done with will help simplify your life but it's surely a mess and a bother now.

    Our weather is heating up and that's always draining on my available energy.

    I need to cut batting to get two dormant projects underway again.



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