Monday, 18 June 2018

Monday again

Very much a usual monday, bed stripped, linen washed, dried and ironed.

The lamb yesterday was nice but there was not enough left for a salad today, so I made scotch broth which we had with buttered bread at lunchtime. 

After lunch we went round to the chapel and picked elderflower from the tree which overhangs the chapel graveyard. Home I weighed out the ingredients and set the cordial off. It should be ready to bottle by Wednesday morning.

OH reseeded a bit of the grass in the back and then went on to tie up his tomato plants. He picked over a pound of strawberries this afternoon.

Not much else done, watching the tennis from Nottingham. 

Egg chips and beans for supper, strawberries for dessert with a blob of Cornish ice cream.

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  1. Your mention of making elderflower cordial reminds me that I've intended to try to grow elderflower here ever since reading about your making it several years ago. Will check into that shortly.

    It sounds like today's accomplishments were of the serene sort and blissfully unhurried. Nice.

    It's hot and humid here today, in the mid-90*s so sheltering in the shade or in the air conditioning is needed.



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