Friday, 1 June 2018

Misty morning

It was a dull misty morning when we left to visit my quilting friend. By the time we got to her, having driven through rain, it was bright sunshine. It has lasted all day......we were forecast thunderstorms last night but they did not arrive.

The chap from the council came to look at the floor under the sink again. The water has gone as far as the back of the second cupboard unit in the kitchen, but the floor is not as bad as underneath the sink unit. We are now using a fan heater to try and dry it out. On for an hour and then off for an hour whilst we are in the house.

The rain has resulted in some spurts of growth in the garden, hopefully I will be able to pull the weeds out by hand.

DB was not so bad in the car this morning, He resorted to muttering to himself for a change. I hate back seat drivers!!

Fish and chips with strawberries and ice cream to follow for supper tonight. Fingers crossed we do not get any storms tonight.

                               In the garden this evening.

Pink and white geraniums

The rose to the left of the arch.


                                              Alchemilla Mollis


  1. I hope you and your delightful quilting friend had a wonderful visit. Perhaps you found your sewing mojo loitering in her home waiting for you?!

    Goodness! The trials and travails of the wet flooring seem to never end. Will the kitchen need to be emptied, the flooring removed to find where the water is coming from? We endured that just 5 months after moving into this house and two weeks before Christmas. Not fun. Found the leak and fixed it, though, and also found dirt and earthworms under one of the base cabinets. Not such a thrill. I hope it doesn't come to that in your kitchen.

    Yum! Fresh strawberries!


  2. Lovely flowers in your garden! I hope they delight you and DB whenever you see them. :)



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