Monday, 11 June 2018

Man at work.

The workman has arrived, the sink unit is out as is the worktop, as I suspected the lino at the side of the washer had mould on it, I will be scrubbing it with bleach before the washer goes back. The cooker side appears to be ok. Several of the tiles in the kitchen are loose, there is nothing behind them, so they are having to be refixed. The back wall has been scrubbed with bleach and is now drying out before a sealant is being applied, new skirting to go at the back before the unit goes back in, all the piping is being re-plumbed to make it neater, and breathe......

The early mist has burnt off and its a sunny day, no laundry done, it can wait.

Feeling slightly better this morning, I did have a little to eat for supper last night, thankfully no repeat performance of Saturday night.

I walked up the garden, the rose on the trellis between the clematis is flowering. A beautiful deep red the petals are like velvet and it smells glorious.

It will be a scratch lunch today, possibly cheese and biscuits. DB will have yogurt, I may indulge in an apple.

More strawberries to pick later this afternoon.....we have picked almost 5lbs so far.

Gammon salad for supper tonight with strawberries for dessert.


  1. How good to hear that you're feeling better and could eat a bit last night.

    May this workman do a stellar job so it won't ever have to be redone due to more mold! It will certainly be worth this bother to have the job done right. Despite the discovery of the additional mold, I hope it can be done in one day. I'm happy you have a sunny day, too.

    Lovely rose! Wishing I could smell the fragrance.


  2. Gkad you are feeling better today. What a lot of work in the kitchen but hopefully the problem is now sorted. Bery clammy again today and I am wabbit.


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