Saturday, 23 June 2018

Job Done

I had a nasty attack of indigestion last night, no idea what set it off but it was quite unpleasant.

DB got up just after 8am. I fell asleep again, so he brought my breakfast in for me. Finally made it up just after 10am.

Out into the garden I put the vine eyes in and the wire on the fence, the rose is tied up. I had to remove 5 canes from the clematis and then cut it back a bit. I untangled it and tied it to the supports. By the time I had finished I was shattered, so watching the tennis and racing on TV. I have taken 4 cuttings from the clematis, if they take.

Its still quite windy which is keeping the heat out of the sun, cool in the house. DB spent time putting preservative on the boards round the deep beds.

I have started knitting another ripple blanket, I need to sort out some  more yarn for the stripes. The original one I crocheted, bought the yarn in US. A couple of years ago I did one in feather stitch ripple, shades of brown and cream. I got a second in the village show with it.

Grilled gammon, eggs, tomato and fried bread for supper, we are still picking strawberries, might have something else for dessert for a change.

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  1. Sorry for the tummy woes and hope you're well now.

    You and DB can pat each other on the backs for all you accomplished in the garden today!

    Oh, what colors are you using for your ripple stitch blanket?

    It's happened ... I've caught whatever coughing bug DH has had for nearly 2 weeks. Had to take Nyquil in the night to stop my coughing. It helped.

    Late yesterday we had torrential rain come through twice. Amazing hard rain with a tad of lightening and hardly any thunder.



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