Friday, 15 June 2018


No not the musical Jam but strawberry jam. I tried making the jam in my PKP it was a failure, I have ended up this morning using my trusty old jam pan, I now have 2 1/2lbs of jam. Imay try using the PKP again but alter the recipe.

A decent nights sleep, I was off by 11pm, OH woke my getting up to the toilet but I soon went off again.

The gardener did not come yesterday he fell behind on Wednesday, so he is coming sometime today.

I am taking DB to the Drs this afternoon, fed up with him moaning about his knee, so made him ring for an appointment. He has spoken to the Dr before about it, was given some cream to rub in, he is convinced it is swollen, yes it is a little but he has arthritis in it what does he expect. Sorry rant over. I find as I am getting older my patience is wearing thinner.........he knows what the problem is but just does not seem to understand.

No real plans for today. If its fine tomorrow we plan to go to Hoby, their gardens are open, not sure if we will manage all 14. I am only taking a limited amount of money with me, what I have spent on the garden this year is frightening. I could well spend as much again, but from now on apart from 10 bags of compost thats it.

Gardener has been, lawns cut and another plant in, the ground is so dry.

Off to the Drs with OH.

Fish and chips for supper. Strawberries for dessert.

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  1. Hope your strawberry jam turns out well. More strawberries ... more YUM!

    Wishing DB a cure from the doctor, but as you say, arthritis is joint pain you just live with and use pills and rub in creams to help a bit.

    Sending vibes for good weather for the open garden show in Hoby. Have fun!



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