Tuesday, 12 June 2018

Its finished!!

It was 8.30pm when the workman went last night, the kitchen went from this

Yesterday morning

 To this last night

Via quite a bit of this.......

It looks great, they reused the door and cupboard fronts from the old unit, the sides are a slightly different colour, but not really noticeable. I am glad its done.

We still have to find some floor covering for the airing cupboard floor and move the shelves with the towels on back in.

I had something to collect in town this morning, so as it was market day I went in on the bus, I managed to get some of what I wanted but we will have to go back in on Sunday and get the rest from a different shop.

It was very cold and misty this morning, I had hung a load of laundry out to dry, there was a bit of a breeze.

Cleaners here this morning, sitting room carpet was a bit of a mess we walked stuff in from the kitchen yesterday........

Chicken pie for supper tonight, there will be strawberries for dessert.

I bought sone casserole lamb from the butchers have just made up Lamb casserole, enough for 2 meals for the two of us either with mash or dumplings.

ust made Lamb casserole in my PKP6.

1lb of casserole lamb cut into chunks.
1/2 tin of chopped tomato's and some of the juice.
Sliced carrot and onion.
Mixed herbs. 2 teaspoons
ground black pepper
Lamb stock cube.

Brown the onion on the fry setting, when it is beginning to colour tip in the lamb and turn over until its sealed all over. add the tomato's etc and enough water to the minimum mark. Close the PKP and cook on stew/soup for 30 minutes. allow to cool without releasing the steam.

I have put mine in containers for the freezer. If you are going to eat it straight away, thicken the liquor with slaked cornflour and serve with mashed spuds and veg. Or dumplings.


  1. Glory be! It's wonderful to hear that your kitchen is back together after one long work day and that your cleaners came today so you didn't even have to deal with the messy floors and carpet!! Brilliant! :) Loved the pictures, too.

    Today is our last cool day for a good while with the high tomorrow and following forecast to be about 90* plus or minus a degree or two.


  2. Glad the units are back in and you are pleased with the result. Hopefully that’s you finished for now except for the floor in the airing cupboard. Lovely here this evening agter a wet start.

  3. Glad you've finally got it sorted and all tidy again. Just a shame you had that unsavoury view of a builders bum to put up with, not a pretty sight!

    Thank for the lamb recipe too.

  4. It looks lovey , Hope you are happy with it xxx


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