Tuesday, 26 June 2018

It 'aint haf hot...........

Another very warm and sunny morning. Trying to get DB to come in as the temperature is going up in leaps and bounds. 

All the curtains drawn on the front until the sun moves round to the back after lunch, it was nice sitting in the shade at the back to have our morning tea.

The lavatera was cut back in the spring, it will be getting another haircut when its finished flowering, there are plants hiding underneath it.

The red rose on the arch, the one the other side has flowers on but nothing like last year. It has not grown up much either despite being fed every week.

No news from DGD or her mother, no idea if DD1 is still going away.

Taken my car in for its MOT, fingers crossed it passes, if it doesn't I will have to bite the bullet and get it repaired; otherwise or trip to IOW will be cancelled. Being without a car would be very difficult for us, but there is not way we are moving. I would just have to find a way round various things.

Cleaners here this afternoon, I am moving stuff ready for the carpet cleaner on Thursday. I am out Thursday morning taking a neighbour to the hospital.

Blanket is growing apace on the second band of colour.

Egg, chips and beans for supper, we have a few small strawberries left so will eat those up. DB has requested salad sandwiches for lunch.


DGD released from hospital, she has been very lucky, they think she could have had the clot for more than a year, they only found it because it was attached to a vein and that is what caused the pain in her chest. DD1 is going on holiday tomorrow.........


  1. Your garden and its riot of colors is just beautiful!

    Hope DGD is doing well and that someone will update you soon.

    Fingers still crossed here and am wishing your car well. :)

    Is a "salad sandwich" made with tuna, egg, or chicken or is it something different?

    Today is forecast to be much cooler but with 85% humidity, there is little air in the air.


  2. Sorry to read that it is very hot in your part of the world. Where I live in central New South Wales, Australia, it is now winter but the daytime temperature still hovers around 20 degrees Celsius. However that is so much better than the high 30s and sometimes 40s we experience in January.

  3. What good news about your DGD and I hope they have her on appropriate medicine, if any is needed. Good, too, that her mum and dad won't miss their holiday.

    Ta for the update!


  4. That’s good news about DGD. You must all feel so relieved. It’s a ghastly day here today with temp of 26 C, overcast and not a breath of air. Feeling exhausted.


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