Wednesday, 6 June 2018

I believe these are gladiolus Italicous, they were in the front garden when we moved in, very delicate dainty flowers. They spread like billy ho.

I took some of these to my quilting friend, she wanted to know what they were called. I think they are bulbs, she has asked for some so I will have a dig when they have died back.

I have a bit in the back garden where I need to plant a bush, what to plant is going to be a problem. I want it to be fairly big  or fast growing so it disguises the wire fence. Long term planning........things ahead for next year. 

We went to the coffee morning 14 people there which is the most we have seen there. Cream scones instead of biscuits for a change.Lots of chat going on.

The chap has just been and looked at the floor under the sink, it has dried out so he is coming on Friday to sort stuff out and hopefully he will get the job done in one day. Will have to see how the new unit marries in with the existing ones. I have to leave the wet room floor for another three to four weeks to make sure its properly dry, then I can have floor covering put down and move the shelves for the towels back in. Life will be able to go on then.

Laundry dried on the line, its quite a muggy day, warmer out than in.

DB has picked enough strawberries for dessert, we are having beef burger, chips and beans tonight. We rarely have beef burgers but DB said he would like one, his wish is my command!!


  1. Lovely flowers!! Perhaps a rhododendron would be the ideal plant for that space in the back garden. We have several and I love that they're evergreen, have spring flowers, and grow fairly quickly.

    I do hope all goes smoothly in repairing and replacing things in your kitchen so all can be put to rights there. May the work be done well and in just one work day!

    Fresh strawberries! YUM!


  2. Barbara we already have a Rhodi in that bit of the border, I have ordered a variegated wiegela which has pale pink flowers and green leaves edged with cream. I have also ordered 3 more giant lilies, the ones I planted have not come up. I am going to plant the new ones in a pot until they start growing, then I will plant them out.

  3. Your garden looks beautiful, I think you will find that the Gladioli Byzantinus are your variety.

  4. What a gorgeous shade of pink! Your garden must bring you a lot of joy at this time of year.


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