Wednesday, 27 June 2018

Hot, hot hot

Very warm, although there is a breeze now and again.

delighted to report that my wee car passed its MOT, it needed 2 new rear lights, a grand total of £1.20. So ok for another year. I must admit in the 10 years I have had her she has cost me very little, about £70 a year on average over the 10 years.

DB has gone into town with a chap from the history group, they are chasing some information about the village, they think it is held at the museum in Melton. I sent him off with his stick and his hat.

Sorted out some fabric for the quilt, I am going to have to root a bit more. The blanket is coming on about another 40 rows to do, then it will need blocking and pressing. I am planning on a bumper bundle for the baby.

Salmon for tea I have cooked it and its in the fridge, will have salad with it. The strawberries are about finished, its gooseberries and raspberries coming on now. The onions and garlic are ready to string and hang up in the roof of the shed. Beans coming into flower as well. Bit disappointed in the courgette, they do not seem to be growing, plenty of finger sized ones but no bigger. We have been feeding and watering them.


  1. Good news about your car. Good about DB too, that he's out and about even without you, when not long ago you were despairing at him being almost housebound.

  2. 3 cheers that your car passed its MOT with such a small cost for new lights!

    Hope DB and his friend had success in finding the information they were looking for and that you enjoyed time to yourself in the bungalow!

    I hope you had a delightful look around your fabrics and that the right fabrics for the quilt will soon show themselves. What is a "bumper bundle"?

    I've decided the lime green border on Dreamsicle is too wide so will have to take the outer border off. Bother!


  3. Hurrah for the car passing the MOT!


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