Wednesday, 13 June 2018

Here we go again

DB woke me at 3am with a dizzy, I got him the medication to try and halt it, he got up after breakfast but was back in bed by 10.30. He seems to have slept it off, fingers crossed, we are supposed to be going out for tea tomorrow.

I have spent most of the day on the laptop, it kept coming over with dark clouds as if it was going to rain, but never did, no sun but its quite warm outside. Just watered the pots in the garden.

More strawberries picked we now have 3 bowls full in the fridge and some hulled for tonight.

The bell rang about 11am, a large box, containing this......

The variegated weigela, it was not cheap, but it has a head start.  A good strong plant. Hopefully it will get planted when the gardener comes tomorrow.

I cut up some of the cooked gammon from the weekend. I am going to make ham and cheese frittata with salad for supper tonight. We will, of course, be having strawberries for dessert.

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  1. Oh, bother! Not the dds again. It does surprise me that if DB was fast asleep, how did he happen to feel the dds? Was he up to he loo or just wakeful when he became dizzy? You, of course, did just the right thing. Did you call the doctor today to report the dds or will you wait to see what happens next? Hope DB will be fine so going out to tea will be enjoyable.

    Love your new variegated weigela. It does look strong and healthy. Nice that it arrived just the day before the gardener is due.

    Enjoy those strawberries!

    Hotter days are here but 'tis summer after all.



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