Monday, 25 June 2018

Good news, bad news

Hard on the heels of yesterdays good news came the news that my DGD who got married last year had been taken to hospital with chest pains, they think she has a clot in her lung, at 33!! If she has that will put the cat well and truly amongst the pigeons, they have just moved into a brand new house and she is the chief wage earner.

We are waiting for news from DD1. She had her husband are due to go on holiday on Wednesday, I hope they have good travel insurance if they cancel.

I have heard from the insurers of my car, the extra charge is standing they refuse to alter their records so I guess I am going to face up and pay the extra. The thought of being without a car just now frightens me. 

Its a bright day, DB is in the garden, our techie man is coming to look at his computer, I am a bit cross, I paid £100 to get it upgraded at the end of last year. However another bullet to bite.

Car goes for its MOT tomorrow, fingers crossed please.......I need to put an extra strong lock on the purse.

DB picked the last of the strawberries last night, what are left on the plants the birds can have. We need to prep the pots ready to pin the runners down, they will be planted in what is to be the new strawberry bed.

Some form of salad for supper tonight I think, we may have a few strawberries for dessert.

The baby blanket, I aim to repeat the colour changes once more and see how it turns out.

Conformation that DGD has a clot in her lung, she is still at the hospital waiting to see the Dr. She is going to have to have a series of injections.


  1. Hope all is well with your DGD and that the treatment is effective so she'll be home and healthy in no time.

    It's unfair for your car insurance company to treat you like this! For shame.

    Surely the computer upgrade is guaranteed for a year thereafter?

    Fingers crossed for your car's MOT!

    Big hugs.

  2. Hope your DGDs treatment works quickly-what a scarey thingto happen. My DD was hit by a lorry in the snow and despite the haulage company eventually paying up she’s expecting a huge increase in her insurance because she had a notifiable accident. Have sent you a PM about some fabric. Too hot for me today but staying inside seems the best option.

  3. Hope all turns out well for DGD. Fingers crossed for the MOT. Could the computer upgrade have caused problems?

  4. Sandy in the USA25 June 2018 at 10:10

    I hope your DGD recovers quickly from this health set back. How scary for her. I hope she is feeling better today.

    Tons of expenses all the time it seems, the 'cost of living' indeed. I lent my truck to a family member and overnight, someone tried to crowbar the hard cover from the truck bed causing a lot of damage to the cover and the truck itself $$. Not to mention expensive appliances that have suddenly broken around here.....

  5. Love your ripple blanket and its colors! Ta for the photo.

    Still wishing your DGD well. Hope she's seen the doctor and has started on the injections.

    More hugs!


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