Saturday, 2 June 2018

Another misty morning

Which has morphed into a sunny but humid afternoon.

We have had a couple of light showers but not enough to wet the grass. DB was tootling about in the garden this morning. Planted up lavender to replace the plants the cats used as a toilet and then went on to paint the shed door with preservative.

After lunch we decided to go to Dove Cottage for afternoon tea, scones, butter, jam and cream and tea for two. This time to weeks ago we were enjoying similar in Miss Marples Cafe in Looe.

I managed just over an hour in the garden this morning. I have cut the rosemary right down. I need to take a couple of cuttings, just in case it does not re-grow. Tied in the clematis, there are two which have been dug out, neither showed any sign of new growth, so they will be replaced.

Supper tonight, all day breakfast, egg, bacon, tomato and fried bread.


  1. It sounds like you and DB had a lovely day with accomplishments in the garden and the treat at Dove Cottage. Nice!

    I'm just in from a trip to the library to swap books and then put gas in the car. It's horribly humid and the air feels too thick to breathe. Storms are likely in the late arvo.

    We enjoy having breakfast for supper from time to time, too.


  2. All Day Breakfast! Silly phrase that greasy spoon cafes say.


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