Thursday, 14 June 2018

A birthday surprise.

A much better night last night, I roused a couple of times, but was soon asleep again.

It was very windy this morning, had to do a rescue operation in the garden the tub of sweet peas blew over, we had to move it out of the wind.

We were due to go to our friends for tea and cake this afternoon, but I decided to ask them to come to us, I did not want DB to go down with another dizzy, we could have been stuck for hours. They arrived with a lovely birthday cake, sponge with a filling of strawberries and cream, it was delicious. We all sang happy birthday. DB's birthday is next week, but they are away in Somerset for 2 weeks.

The wind dropped this afternoon, the sun came out so late afternoon was very pleasant.

We ate at lunch time, ham and salad, a big slice of cake with a cuppa for afternoon tea, so we will have a snack later.

All the gardens around us are full of flowers, summer seems to be here, the roses in the garden continue to bloom. Things are coming through in the garden and the vegetable patch is doing well.

We have picked a lot of strawberries, I have some cooking just now to make some jam.

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  1. What a delightful day despite the wind! An early Happy Birthday to DB and it's wonderful the party could come to him - just in case.

    Isn't it nice to have a birthday when the flowers seem to be celebrating, too? So says this late April baby! Am glad to read that your garden is flourishing.

    Today is sunny and hot but it's cool indoors.



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