Friday, 4 May 2018

Will it Won't it?

Rain that is, it is sunny, but we get dark clouds on the horizon....up to now its been ok.

We have friends coming this afternoon for an hour or so. Scones and lemon drizzle cake made. I had to use the top oven as the combi is away. Its only about the third time its been used since we bought the cooker 3 years ago. I have never used the main oven at all. Its a handy store for my baking tins.

DB spent a bit more time in the garden working on the rasps, he has dug up several shoots for R. They can extend their fruit bed. Doubt if they will fruit this year, but they might.

Quick tidy up. DB knocked over his tin he keeps his pencils in, he announced he had lost his had rolled under the glass table at the side of his chair. 

I have not managed to get any plants in this morning, doubt I will get the chance this afternoon so they will have to wait until tomorrow. I need to sort out more from the nursery bed. I have a pot with several foxglove seedlings in which I will plant as it is. We must keep on top of them this year and not allow the flowers to go to seed, but cut them off. the same with the lupins.

Starting to put things on the bed in the sewing room ready to pack for our holiday. We are going down to Cornwall. As its the first time for many years I have driven a long distance we are spending the night at a Days Inn off the M5 on the way down and back. Our destination in Cornwall is Penvith Barns ( if you are nosey.

I have wanted to go to The Lost Gardens at Heligan for a long time, so this is the trip.....we went to the Eden Project at least 10 years ago on our last visit to Cornwall. We have several places we want to visit whilst we are down, including Trago Mills at Liskard. Fingers crossed the weather is ok. Mind you we never truly trust the British weather so tend to take wet weather gear with us anyway. If you have it with you can always take it off.

Supper tonight will be fish and chips. Fish cooked in the remoska and chips in the top oven. No dessert as yet. It might just be a slice of lemon drizzle with ice cream.


  1. Your destination in Cornwall looks absolutely lovely. I hope you both have a wonderful time. The Lost Gardens of Heligan are one of our favourite places to visit and its history is so very interesting. Last time we were in Liskeard Trago Mills was preparing for an update, so I hope they have finished all their works. You can get anything and everything you ever wanted in their store. It is very large but has plenty of eating places for a sit down if necessary! Best wishes for a great holiday. Ann x

  2. What a nice day and busy day you've had! I imagine the house smells divine from your baking, too.

    I look forward to learning about the places you and DB intend to visit in Cornwall and hope the weather is perfect while you're there. Ann's comment has stirred my interest about what wares might be found in the store at Liskeard Trago Mills!

    DH made cranberry scones yesterday and they are delicious!


  3. Wow-that looks a super place to stay. I remember this property on Escape to the Country a few years ago-I wonder if it’s the same coule who run it now? Good idea to break your journey so that you don’t become too tired before your holiday starts. Trago Mills is the kiss of death to your bank balance- be warned! Last time we were there must have been about 12 years ago when our daughter was about to start teaching. I spent a small fortune on books for her due to lack of resources in the school. Hope the promised better weather is on its way as I am still wearing my winter jacket.


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