Wednesday, 30 May 2018

We have rain

Judging from the amount of rain on the road it has been raining most of the night and it continued all the morning.

Everywhere is soaked.......but at least we do not have to water tonight. However the gardener has put his visit off until tomorrow, the garden is too wet just now. Mid afternoon it appears to be clearing up.

We went to our friends for coffee this morning, plenty of chat especially about the narrow, one car wide roads in Cornwall. I have borrowed a drill and bit to drill the holes for the vine eyes, I need to get the wires on for the rose and clematis.

Nothing done today, I watched last Sundays episode of Escape to the Chateau, it always make me smile.

I have cooked the pork for tomorrow nights supper, there is enough for two nights, so one lot to freeze for later. We are having chicken casserole tonight. There is some strawberry cheesecake left from last night, so we will finish that off.


  1. We have rain, too! A little cloud or two wandered by and dumped torrential rain on us for about 20 min. before wandering away. Now the sun is out and the humidity is sky high. Thunderstorms are likely this arvo.

    We use laddered old pantyhose to tie up flowers and tomatoes.

    What do you put in your chicken casserole? I'm always on the lookout for a good chicken recipe.

    I hope to cut batting today for several small projects.


  2. It has been raining all day here as well, everything is getting a good soaking. I wish we got Escape to the Chateau here, it sounds really interesting, I always enjoy Escape to the Country.


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