Saturday, 26 May 2018

Turned out nice after all

It was slightly brighter than yesterday when we got up. We decided to go over to the garden centre and get more compost. Of course we could not come away without plants could we???

Back home a cup of tea and then DB went out to plant up some of the veg he had bought. I filled a pot with compost and planted up the geraniums I got down in Cornwall.

We had lunch sitting in the garden, a bit more planting done and then an hour reading.

A bit of excitement after lunch I managed to blow a fuse, great consternation, one of the plugs involved was the one to the fridge freezer in the kitchen. Eventually I realised that the switch in the hall was up instead of down, it had tripped for some reason, phew..........

It has turned quite sunny and warm late in the afternoon, although there is quite a strong breeze. Two parcels arrived, one contained some new glass dishes the other 6 apricot foxgloves I had another 10 minutes in the garden. They are quite small so I have put them in a big pot to grow on a bit before I plant them out in the garden.

Bacon frittata for supper, I made a green herb salad and potato salad to go with it, I used herbs from the bed outside the back door.

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