Sunday, 6 May 2018

The sun has got his hat on!!

Another lovely sunny morning, at just after 10.30am its quite warm, we enjoyed our morning tea in the shade on the patio, lunch will also be taken outside.

I have a mixed load of laundry on, it will dry well in the sun.

My Fibro is playing up, decided thats whats going on with my back, I could not sleep last night, ended up getting painkillers. My left knee is also telling me to slow down a bit, I think thats arthritis.

DB pottering in the garden, he has sown some lettuce and is now using the hoe on his onions. His garden time will be up in 20 minutes for this morning at least. I have emptied the pot with had the tulips in, bulbs are spread out to dry, spend compost will be chucked on the garden. I also took out 4 foxgloves which will shortly be in a new home. No idea what colour they will be, its a wait and see game with foxglove seedlings. Fingers crossed they may be white.

Roast chicken for supper tonight, will do the chicken in the top oven, but the roast spuds will have to go in the remoska, its easier to clean fat splashes off the lid of that than the element in the top oven which is also a grill.

Plenty of the rhubarb and gooseberry crumble left for dessert. We might have it with ice cream rather than custard tonight.

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  1. How delightful that you had another pretty day to do some gardening, dry some laundry, and enjoy your patio for tea and meals! Fingers crossed that most of your foxgloves are white since that's your preference.

    I'm so sorry your fibro and arthritis are limiting what you can do. It's an unwelcome adjustment as I well know due to lupus and lupus fatigue.

    Your menu sounds yummy!

    I'm off the grocery before evening storms arrive.



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