Saturday, 12 May 2018

Saturday, Holiday minus 2

I was so sorry to read that Sues beloved husband had passed away. He fought a hard battle against illness in the last few years. Sue, I am sorry for you and your families loss, my thoughts and prayers are with you all at this very sad time.

A bright morning, the wind has dropped so its a bit warmer. I was so cold last night I went to bed early and put the electric blanket on!!

Friends called round this morning, they have offered us the use of their caravan whilst the repairs to the kitchen are done.....we may take them up on the offer.

the clematis on the fence is almost fully out now, I will have to cut it back after it has flowered this year.

DB washed the car, just the the windows etc to clean and its all done ready for Monday. Starting to pack non clothing items into a crate for the boot. Running the freezer and fridge down, so not a lot left in the freezer just now. Decided that when the floor etc is done we are going to change it for a bigger one. Will use the bedroom freezer to store most stuff.

Phoned re the micro, they are waiting for a part, so I have told them not to ring to return it until we get home.

Not done a fat lot today conserving my energy for driving on Monday, that is the bulk of the journey down.

Bacon, tomato and egg with a few chips for supper tonight.


  1. I am always impressed by how thorough your travel preparation plans are! Hope you and DB had wonderful weather, perfect temperatures, and a lovely place to stay while away.

    How nice of your friends to offer you the haven of their caravan for the duration of the upheaval of the needed repairs inside the bungalow!

    Fingers crossed your micro will be ready to come home when you return home.

    Am feeling a bit run over today so I'll be taking it easy, too.


  2. Caravan sounds a great offer and then the kitchen could be done entirely. Weather here is lovely so washing all done and dried.


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