Sunday, 13 May 2018

One day to go

and we are off on our travels. Our usual breakfast in bed, once on our feet DB went out to polish the car, doubt it will look as pristine when we get back.

Clothes packed, shoes packed. Crate packed, freezer box freezing down.....just have the last minute bits to go in.......

He is driving me nuts checking and rechecking what I have packed etc and obsessing over the route. I have chosen to go a different way....... you would think the end of the world had come......I am driving, end of......

Washer on tonight, then bed stripped and remade and sheets etc washed and all dried in the dryer......I like to come back to a clean bed.

It was so cold this morning I put the heating back on, its off now, but will go on later once it starts to chill down. The sun keeps coming out and going in again.

Quiche is cooked, have the salmon for tomorrows lunch before we go to cook a bit later. have salad to eat up. I have also peeled and sliced up three leeks from the fridge, open freezing them. Will put them in a bag, will be able to take out what I want to use without having to defrost stuck together sliced leek.

Roast pork for supper, used up the veg that was in the fridge, no dessert, will have

Planning on having a rest whilst DB is having his siesta......we will see.


  1. Enjoy your holiday,and if your DB complains turn the radio up.

  2. I do hope you both have a lovely holiday and a really good rest and relaxation. You both deserve it! Best wishes Ann x

  3. Hope you enjoy your break and safe journey.

  4. Have a wonderful trip - hope it's lovely and relaxing.

  5. Have a great trip. Stay safe.

  6. Have a wonderful and try to relax and not get stressed. I hope DB isn't as bad a 'backseat' driver as my DH!!lol

  7. Have a lovely holiday and enjoy a well deserved rest.

  8. Have a safe, fun trip - will look fwd to hearing your stories from the road!!!😎
    Hugs, Mary


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