Friday, 18 May 2018

Oh those Cornish Roads

Later breakfast this morning, we were going to Mount Edgecombe, but discovered it is not open on Friday so decided to go to Cotehele instead.

First a visit to Morrison to stock up for tonight and tomorrows supper. I also bought 4 pelagoniums to take home with us. Then we set off for Cotehele.....I have never driven along so many single track roads in my life, some with no passing places. At one point I had 2 cars following me, each turn I took they followed. When we arrived at Cotehele they were still behind us!!

We enjoyed a walk round a very interesting Tudor house, wonderful tapestries on a lot of the walls. As it was a sunny day the inside was quite pleasant, but I can understand how cold it is in the winter. We took the mini bus down to the mill and I bought a bag of wholemeal flour which is milled on the site. The water mill is amazing, although they were not milling the wheel was still going round. The mini driver picked us up and actually dropped us back at our car!!

The journey back was just as bad a the way we went. Since we got back we have had toasted tea cake and a cup of tea. There is a kitchen in the B & B for residents to use, and we can sit in the breakfast room where there is wi-fi reception.

Once we are back in our little bungalow I will load up some of the pictures for you to see.

Tomorrow, we need to sort out the stuff to take home, after lunch we are going down to Looe for a cream tea, and then Sunday we will be on our way to Strensham for our over night stay before making for home.


  1. It sounds as if today's interesting sites were more to your liking albeit you had to endure those hair-raising roads! Well done, you! I've seen those roads on Midsomer Murders and such TV shows and am glad I don't have them to drive on. Shudder! I'm happy you didn't have rain to complicate the drive.

    Hope your freshly milled flour will be a treat to use.

    Please take a photo of the inside and outside of your bungalow before you leave. Ta. :)

    Those all night storms were intermittent last night but are again in the forecast for tonight. All is SO muddy outside.

    I'm sewing simple borders on a wee quilt so am happy inside.


  2. Sounds as though you are enjoying yourselves - even with the roads being a bit nerve-wracking! Hope the weather is good for the rest of your time away.


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