Wednesday, 9 May 2018

Not a good day

Chaps came last night to look at the floor, returned this morning to take the back off the sink unit, the floor and wall are covered with black mould. We have had to take everything out of the cupboards and leave it to dry whilst we are away. When we get back the sink unit has to come out. I have found  evidence of mould on the floor between the side of the sink unit and the washer too so we may well have to have the whole of the floor covering lifted and replaced......does anyone want a visitor for about 6 weeks???

The wall behind the kitchen sink unit.

The floor under the unit.

Its another sunny day, but there is quite a strong breeze keeping the temperature down.

Need to start packing stuff away for our holiday, hope we get some decent weather, I will not be happy if it rains all the time we are away.


  1. The only good? thing is that you dont have to pay for it. I tell mom that all the time when something needs to be repaired. But it is awful to have to live around what is a complete remodeling while it is being done. Ana USA

  2. What a huge bother this upheaval will be tho it will be well worth it in the long run. Might the council pay for you two to live elsewhere for the duration since this the mold the fault of their workers? Can you house-sit for traveling friends or family?

    I share your hope for good weather while you're on holiday.


  3. Mould like that is not good for anyones health either.

  4. Enjoy your holiday and hope you have a good drive and lovely weather. Try to put the mess out of mind while you are away.


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