Sunday, 27 May 2018

No Thunder for us!!

We did have rain during the night but no thunder. DB tells me its due to rain about 2pm and I can quite believe that, there is a change coming. We sat in the garden for our lunch, the wind seems to be increasing in strength.......its quite muggy.....

Our usual Sunday brekkers in bed, DB was straight out to the garden when he got up. I prepped the stuff for supper and part cooked rhubarb for a crumble for dessert.

Our little cul de sac was quite busy yesterday afternoon, I think one of the neighbours had a significant birthday, there was cake and trifle going in. There have never been so many cars, all one side of the parking was full.

Did not sleep too well last night, the first time since we came home, just could not get off, was still awake at 2am, so feeling a bit fragile today.

DB has planted more of this veg. We got cut and come again lettuce yesterday, he has planted it in a trough by the back door. I walked up the garden to get rhubarb and my peony has a bud on it.....way to go. The rose on the left of the arch has almost opened a flower, for some reason its done much better than the one on the right. I may plant a clematis at the side to scramble up to the top of the arch. I have a cutting I struck last year which is doing really well. I also need to get in and tie in the clematis at the top of the garden.

Roast pork for supper................

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