Thursday, 31 May 2018

No Rain yet

The rain cleared yesterday, but the sun never managed to come through, its not raining this morning but quite a bit warmer than yesterday.

The gardener has been and cut the grass etc, we just need to put some feed on the new grass at the front.  The clematis is out of its pot and in the garden, once it finishes flowering I will give it a haircut and tie it in the the fence.The ground is soft so hopefully Saturday I will get more plants in,and weeds out. What I cannot get out I will use the weed wand on.

Supper prepped, the pork and bean casserole with carrots, green beans and mash. ice cream for dessert.

Off into town after lunch will leave DB at home. I want to see if Morrison have any hanging baskets........ I also need a couple of bits I can only get from there.

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  1. How nice to have a tidy yard! Hope you found all you needed and wanted while at Morrison's and also that DB did fine in your absence.

    Your dinner sounds delicious!

    It's hot and humid here again today with a chance of rain later. I've been pressing fabric scraps and it seems to be a never ending task.



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